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As a member of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA), Excelsior Paints are made to international standards and exceed the standards required for many quality hallmarks awarded by standards authorities in different parts of the world. Backing this commitment to the highest of quality standards all products sold are subject to the standard Excelsior guarantee with a further 5 year guarantee on the All Purpose range of water and solvent based products and a seven-year guarantee on the premium water and solvent based products.

Excelsior have invested in SABS testing for their water-based products such as All Purpose Matt, All Purpose Sheen, Premium Supa Matt and Premium Satin and solvent-based top-coats in the Premium range to ensure compliance with local and international standards.

It is this unwavering adherence to quality that is built into every can of paint manufactured and sold by Excelsior Paints. Their manufacturing processes are subject to intense in-house scrutiny and the consistency of all the products is monitored in a fully equipped laboratory supervised by an experienced team of paint technicians and quality control experts.

Samples of all our batches are retained for a minimum of 12 months (as per the requirements and recommendations by the South Africa Paint Manufacturing Association) to ensure that customer queries can be dealt with, and previous paint characteristics matched if this is required.

It is these attributes which have made us leaders in the independent paint producing business.

Excelsior Paints allows you to perform a virtual painting of your house or room by simply uploading a photograph (This feature is not available in some Browsers)

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